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David Branter


Frontier can be a difficult word to define precisely. It is one of those few words like ‘cleave’ (that can mean stick together or cut apart) that is its own antonym. Frontier can mean a barrier between polities for instance but also the open space yet unexplored. Artists tend toward the latter image although composers certainly understand frontiers as perceived barriers, move beyond them and celebrate others who do the same. Tonight’s concert is about that process plus we will feature the winner of our 2020 youth soloist competition the fabulous Jonathan Lopez.

Christin Reardon-MacLellan, with her usual thoughtful breadth, has brought frontiers to the fore with this concert’s program. Charles Ives was one of the most consistently innovative and exploratory American composers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He also had a parallel career in the insurance business where he was also known as a creative force. The three sailors in the Bernstein explore a new frontier in their own country. Catherine Likhuta as an emigré from Ukraine tests new living conditions and remembers. Omar Thomas celebrates opening the frontier of gender identity.

The Pacific Symphonic Wind Ensemble joyfully explores these frontiers and we hope, as musically represented, you can imagine struggles personal and global where frontiers come into play.


Dr. David Branter

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