Hymnal (Morton Gould)

Mirrors (Robert Buckley)

Duo Solo w/ Mary Backun (Clarinet) Jeremy Backun (Trumpet) and guest Conductor Morrie Backun

Old Suite of American Dances (Robert R. Bennett)


Funny Girl (Music by Jule Styne/Arranged by Robert R. Bennett)

Symphony for Band (Morton Gould)

Director’s Welcome and Program Notes

                    The Pacific Symphonic Wind Ensemble is delighted to welcome you to the start of our first full season since 2018-19. We are very happy to be back in the comfortable and friendly space of Evergreen Cultural Centre with our long-time partners David Mann and Krista Pavane and their wonderful associates who run the show. The program focusses on the works of two great American composers for wind and percussion ensembles, Robert Russell Bennett and Morton Gould. Also included is the premier of a commissioned work by our own Robert Buckley. Mirrors features the mother/son duo of Mary and Jeremy Backun.

Relax and enjoy.

              Dr. David Branter

                  This afternoon PSWE features the works of two major American composers, Robert Russell Bennett and Morton Gould. They are often not thought of as such by the devotees of the European tradition as expressed in America but such they are.

                   Bennet, born in 1894 in St. Louis, was, perhaps, not a prodigy but appeared destined for a life in music from an early age. He studied piano (his mother was a piano teacher) trumpet and violin as a child. He states his first arrangement was done at age nine when he adapted “The Naughty Pixie Mocking His Mother” a piano piece his seven-year-old sister was working on, for violin and piano. He never looked back and became THE orchestrator for Broadway musicals. This kept him very busy but he was entranced with “…all the beautiful sounds the American concert band could make that it hadn’t yet made.” so found time whenever he could to write this wonderful and very popular suite. Bennett’s band arrangement of songs from Funny Girl is a strong example of his skill as an arranger of Broadway music.

                   Morton Gould, born 1913 in Richmond Hill, New York, WAS a prodigy with a published piece at age six. He had a conductor/arranger position at WOR radio in New York City at age twenty-one.

Gould wrote his West Point Symphony (or Symphony no. 4) for the sesquicentennial of West Point in 1952. It is widely considered to be one of the great large-scale works for wind and percussion ensemble.

Gould composed American Ballads in 1976 for the American bicentennial celebrations. There are six ballads on familiar tunes. Today PSWE will perform “Hymnal” an intricate and fascinating exploration of “We Shall Overcome”.

                  Bennett, Gould and Buckley represent excellence in wind ensemble music and PSWE is proud to present this collection.

Concert led by Director Dr. David Branter


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